Our Company

Canada-Goose Jackets was established over 20 years ago by our founder, Brandon Hobbs. Brandon was an inspired entrepreneur that had a passion for styles, psychology, and all around market trends and started this company in 1997. Unlike most entrepreneurs, he was able to turn his first business venture into a huge success. While the growth and expansion of the company has been slow and steady over the years, Brandon has managed to maintain one of the overall best places to work in the great country of Canada.

Our companies vision now is to become the number one supplier of jackets on the planet. We feel our clothing is far superior to our competitors, environmentally friendly, and an overall great value. If you’ve never bought a Canada-Goose Jacket, we have a few reasons to share with you as to why you should choose our jackets over the others.

First of all, most of our clothing is made here in the United States. We do a lot of business in north America through our e-commerce website, so everything that’s purchased here is actually made in your home country. While most clothing companies are outsourcing their work to other countries because of cheap labor, we have made a commitment to keep all of our work 100% within U.S. borders. If you’re not familiar with the slave labor currently going on in other countries that’s used by a lot of American Corporations, we recommend to watch the documentary on Netflix called, “The True Cost.” It goes into great detail about how American corporations are taking advantage of poor countries and withholding a ton of jobs from Americans. It’s a real problem and our company is committed to being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

Another great thing about our jackets is that we only use an extremely high quality of fabrics. Our jackets are known for outlasting everything else on the market place even when the owner wears their jacket for the majority of the year. Our jackets are meant to withstand the toughest terrains even for the most fashionable of people. We want to thank you for your business and we look forward to hearing from you with feedback about our website. In order to do so, please contact us here.