Welcome To Canada-Goose Jackets!

Your favorite Canadian brand of jackets is opening up inĀ Scottsdale, AZ! We decided to start this blog in order to share with you all the information we have about our clothing line. With many different jackets on the market, it’s important to know how the manufacturing of your clothes is affecting the planet, other peoples lives, and the overall quality of the material you’re wearing. We hope this blog serves it’s purpose in being educational for our consumers and we are really looking at opening up a store in the sunny state of Arizona.

A lot of people have been asking us why we decided to open up a location in a state that is known for being hot and doesn’t quite fit our target market for selling our jackets. One of the reasons we decided to open up shop in Arizona is because we want to start testing our cut off jackets that we will be introducing early this year. We think this type of style can really take off and a lot of people use social media in Arizona so we are also looking to grow our brand and American presence in general.

While we are excited to test out our new image in AZ, we are also planning on opening up several locations throughout the east coast in the next year. We plan on promoting our usual winter jacket styles of clothing in these regions and continue to branch out once we hit our stride on the cut off jackets. Canada-Goose Jackets has big plans for the future and we are happy to inform our customers about our company on this website.

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